Saturday, December 22, 2012

Samsung Focus I677

Samsung Focus I677

The big brother and improved version of Samsung focus. It is excellent and user friendly with Windows Phone 7.5 . It will probably suppourt windows Phone 8 if it becomes Available to update for current Windows mobiles since it is the latest generation of Windows Phones.Though it has a small bug of frreze up the improved firmware is now available and has no problem since I updated it with new firmware.

1. Better pixel density than focus.
2. Faster 1.4 Ghz processor.
3. Is capable of 4G.
5. Is latest generation of Windows phone.
6. Front facing camera for skype or video chat or video call
7. Excellent 5 MP camera.

1. Sometimes freeze up.(though updating firmware solves it muchly) but not completely.
2. Smaller screen than samsung focus(3.7 vs 4 inches)
So This is an excellent phone for the price.Just go for it. For its specs the phone should be sold for a price range of $250+.

After using phone for like 4 months I have following things to say:
1. I havent faced a single phone freeze after the recent tango update(there is way to trick phone to update even though AT&T doesnt push it)
2. The app center is growing rapidly(In last few months as I myself have seen). There are a lots of apps tailored for your need.
3. Games works great on this device no freezing and lagging.
4. Some people haave said that they got a locked phone .I too got a locked phone but THIS PHONE WILL BE UNLOCKED BY AT&T FOR FREE.Just call them and ask for an unlock code. They will give it right away to you no need to goto third party unlocker.
5. Battery life is superb.

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Price :$149.99 22/12/2012

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