Saturday, December 22, 2012

Samsung Focus I917

Samsung Focus I917

First off I have had this phone since August of 2011 so I have many great days of experience with this phone and what it can and can't do. Lets focus on the CAN DO part since there are so many more!

o Have an UNLIMITED amount of Email Accounts including military accounts.
o Shoot HI DEF Video with great compression due to being a Microsoft WINDOWS 7 Operating System.
o Can shoot thousands of photos before the 8GB of space fills up!
o Works great with any Windows product because the same dudes designed it
o Can take a beating. I've dropped mine several times, and nothing happened to it. NOTHING!
o easy to work on. I've modified a few things on mine and it was SUPER easy to take apart with a video from
o Open OFFICE Documents, and .PDFs easily without any fancy anything.
o HAS N-WIFI, need I say anything else?
o has the FULL version of IE internet browser, so you can go to any website!
o lots of applications for sale and for free. Not as many as DROID or iPhone but catching up
o High Def Screen built at the Factories in S.Korea. SAMSUNG makes most of the internal parts for Apple, Nokia, Sony, etc..
o Easy to use. So fricken easy to use!
o Low Cost Smart Phone Option - Dude, got mine with an upgrade at AT&T and it cost $49.99. WOW! The iPhone was $299.99 at the time.
o it can mow your lawn...OK it can't mow the lawn! But it can turn the lights, alarm system, and my car on from my bed!
o SKYPE, yep, video call for free with a wifi connection.
o it's 3G system, which is still fast enough to STREAM video from YouTube or wherever!
o has great reception, unlike the other guys ;-)
o it's light, black, and SEXY as heck :-)

What it can't do:
o Cook
o Clean
o Make Babies
o wash your car
o take out the trash
o brush your teeth


The only issue I have with this phone, which is minute, is the 1800mah battery. That is it, it needs the 3200mah battery factory. Otherwise it is a near perfect option for the entry level user of the Smart Phones.

I am upgrading to the Galaxy SIII in a few months (maybe) but I will ALWAYS LOVE my Focus.

I recommend this phone to anyone who wants a SOLID easy to use phone that has so many capabilities

Gabe Boudreau

Review By Matthew D. Ruffell

Price :$150.80  23/12/2012

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